Moushira Elamrawy

Design Technologist

The research associated with this workshop was around investigating a technology that could exist in the future, and that would make our obsessions come true. The condition was to experiment through a white box for a week, then exhibit a demo where the while box demonstrates your yet-to-come technology. I made 2 white boxes, one was wooden, the other was cardboard, and I brought along a number of random objects that could help me investigate the box in different contexts. I kept the waves obsession in the background of my mind, and focused on investigating and playing around with the white box as much as possible, and I have to say that it was quite fun. I made some of the best videos in my live, while taking the box to the park, to the market, and to the see. Thanks to the huge spring which I bought by accident from the horse riding shop(!), and which I have no idea what is it used for, yet, no output would have been made possible without it.

  • Year: 2013

Project 01b
Totally out of context, the box attended a tai chi class in a park!
Project 01c
It also went to Santa Catarina market
Project 01c
Then hanging the box from the tree using a spring
Hanging a box from the tree using a giant spring, then puting the camera inside the spring, we get this surreal view and sound of the moving waves
Even literally going to the sea and taking the view of the waves, going through the wave..!
Project 01c
then in a box, I placed my mobile phone in a black box with a lens
Project 01c
and projected the spring movie to myself in a cosy setting :). In the final project display others were