Works by Moushira Elamrawy

Citizen-made bike and recycling stations

Smartcitizen is an iot platform that helps citizens connect to the data in their surroundings. Designed for Barcelona citizens, this project aims at solving bike parking issues, as well as help better recycle the continous flow of unecessary objects into Barcelona streets. Based on rifd, the system will tag bikes, and items, and connect them to the network, giving them a footprint on the web, and help citizens make better decisions collectively.

The current bike network is inefficient, and provides false data to users. See image, the network says 0 bikes are available while there are already 2 available.
What if we provided alternate additional network of stations that works on smartcitizen
Project 01c
The stations come with a pre-mounted reader, while the tags can easily be made by citizens.
Project 01c
Where each user tags their bikes themselves, and actively participate to building the network
Project 01b
Appling the same concept we can also help recycle of unused items around Barcelona alleys, or in second hand markets