Moushira Elamrawy

Design Technologist

Risha, your portable laser cutter that works via mobile.

New technology trends seems to provide a margin of liberty for designers and makers where they can costume design and fabricate literally anything — thanks to 3D printers, CNC milling machines, and laser cutters. Yet, do these technologies open venue to _everyone_ to make anything they want? In developing countries, where there is a population of skilled labor who are either talented crafters, skilled technician, or amateur makers, getting introduced to new fabrication trends could be a major shift in reshaping their talent and opening venue to new markets of new products which they can develop, and support their economic empowerment.

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  • Role: Founder and product manager
  • Awards Fab Award(2015), FabConnect grant (2015), Maker of merit(2014)
  • Team Sameh Ahmed (mechanical development), Sherif Rashwan (electronic development)

Project 01a
Winner of FabAward and featured in FabFoundation publication
Project 01c
An open-hardware fully documented project, that is easily replicated by literally anyone.
Project 01c
Machine assembly workshop at Republica14 in Berlin, Germany.
Project 01c
Using the desktop app, teams were able to sketch and cut their drawings.
Project 01b
Engraved papyrus paper from a photo taken by mobile
Project 01c
It it so cool, that it even goes to the bar!