Moushira Elamrawy

Design Technologist

Jebaleyatalks, giving voice to women of Jebaleya tribe

Jebaleyatalks is a project dedicated to storytelling through media and products that use innovative media in order to tell the story of the women of Jebaleya tribe of Saint Katherine, in South Sinai, Egypt.

  • Links: website
  • Role: Project co-founder
  • Year: 2014 - ongoing
  • Team Sondos Shabayek (co-founder), Reem Shahin (trainer), Sherine AbdelRassoul (designer)

Project 01a
Jebaleya Women are used to traditional stiching techniques
Project 01c
What if those could be combined with smart materials?
Project 01c
Through simple materials and knowledge
Project 01c
..then we can end up in interesting simple smart products.